Available Marriage Documents

Four kinds of marriage documents are available to order from the Government of Alberta. 

  • Marriage Certificate - Small
  • Marriage Certificate - Large
  • Photocopy of a Registration of Marriage 
  • Marriage Record Search

For information about how to order a marriage document, see Ordering a Marriage Document.

Marriage Certificate - Small

Marriage Certificate - Large 

Photocopy of a Registration of Marriage

  • This document is a photocopy of the form completed on the date of marriage by the couple and the marriage officiant.
  • Includes: 
    • Names of the married couple
    • Places of birth for the married couple  
    • Names of couple's parents
    • Places of birth of couple's parents
    • Place of marriage
    • Date of marriage
    • Names of witnesses
    • Name of marriage officiant
    • Registration number
    • Date and place of registration
  • Photocopies of Registrations of Marriage are generally only needed for genealogical, court or consulate purposes.
  • There is always an official raised seal and red stamp on the back of the photocopy stating it is a certified true copy of the original registration.
  • Eligibility requirements apply; see Eligibility for Marriage Documents for details. 

Marriage Record Search

  • A marriage record search will tell you if a record was found, but will not provide any other information.
  • Anyone may apply for a record search letter.
  • See Record Search for more information.