land titles

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land ownership rights in Alberta. The Land Titles Act provides the legislative framework for the department to register land related documents that both create and terminate legal rights in property.

Read about Land Titles in Alberta: An Introduction to Land Titles (pdf)


On October 5, 2015, land title caveats will increase by $5 to a total of $35. Previous proposed fee increases to land titles, mortgages, transfers and leasehold titles will not go ahead.

If you have any questions, please contact Service Alberta at: 780-427-7013.

Document Registration

An overview of the registration process and a description of the types of documents registered.
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Foreign Ownership of Land

An overview of the Agricultural and Recreational Land Ownership Act, which ensures land continues to be owned and enjoyed by Albertans and other Canadians.
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Land Titles Notices

Land Titles Office and Land Titles SPIN 2 System notices are pertinent to the registration of land ownership rights within Alberta, Land Titles Data Products and other land information services. Read more

Name Search

Search land titles by owner's name.
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Office Locations

Key contact numbers and where to find us.
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Procedures Manual

This manual addresses document examination procedures in the Land Titles Office, and is primarily intended to provide assistance to Government of Alberta employees working in that area. Read more

Spatial Information System (SPIN)

Search Alberta Land Titles Spatial Information System, SPIN 2, for Land Titles data products, registered survey plans, township images, survey control markers, soil capability information and other land information services.
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Surface and Mineral Rights

Information about the difference between surface rights and mineral rights.
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Surveyor's Information

Information about our policy and procedure manual, plotting guide and FTP instructions.
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Titles, Documents and Plans

Are you looking for a current title or historical title? Learn how to order copies of document and survey plans.
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