Marriage certificates & documents

How it works

The Government keeps a record of all registered marriages that take place in Alberta and can only issue documents for these marriages.

There are 2 kinds of marriage documents you can order from the Government of Alberta:

  • marriage certificate
  • photocopy of a Registration of Marriage

Marriage certificate

All certificates are certified extracts of the original Registration of Marriage.

A marriage certificate includes:

  • full names of the married couple
  • date of marriage
  • place of marriage
  • places of birth of the married couple
  • registration number
  • registration date
  • date issued

Sample – Marriage Certificate (PDF, 1 page)

Photocopy of a Registration of Marriage

This is a photocopy of the registration form completed on the date of marriage by the couple and the marriage officiant.

A photocopy of a Registration of Marriage usually includes:

  • full names of the married couple
  • places of birth of the married couple
  • full names of the couple's parents
  • places of birth of the couple's parents
  • place of marriage
  • date of marriage
  • names of witnesses
  • name of marriage officiant
  • registration number
  • registration date

A photocopy is generally used for genealogical, court or consulate purposes.

There is always an official raised seal and red stamp on the back of the photocopy stating it is a certified true copy of the original registration.


Note: To download a PDF document, right-click and select 'save as' and save to your computer.

What’s important to know

Altering and/or laminating Vital Statistics documents makes them invalid. 

Copies of Registrations of Marriage must be applied for through the Provincial Archives of Alberta as they qualify as historical records after 75 years have passed from the date of marriage (anyone may apply).

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