Privacy & accessing information

Cyber Security Awareness Program

Staying safe online is everyone’s responsibility.

When working online, it is important to understand cyber threats and how to spot activities that may leave your information compromised.

A series of eCourses have been developed to help you polish your cyber security skills and stay safe online. Each course should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

Protecting Information When Working Offsite

This course outlines best practices that help you ensure data is secure when you’re working away from your work station.

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Phishing and Social Engineering

Cyber criminals may use phishing or social engineering to pose as an individual or organization in order to gain your personal information. Learn to spot the signs.

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Malware and Ransomware

Malware is any harmful software designed to damage a computer. There are many different forms, including viruses and ransomware, which denies a user access to their device until they pay a ransom.

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Safe Electronic and Physical Document Handling

Everyone has a responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect information while they’re at work. Learn how to safely access, manage, store, and dispose of physical and electronic documents.

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Secure Passwords

Your password is your first line of defense from cyber criminals. Keep your accounts secure by creating a strong passphrase that is meaningful to you but difficult to crack.

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